10 / Feb / 2014

Galgui: Semana XLVII. Fase II.

This is a special one. I made it two days ago and it´s the first concept art i´ve made that actually looks like that: has the colors, has the mood and took only about half an hour. I was willing so much to come to this point… I love it!   Éste es especial. Lo hice hace dos días y es el primer concept art que hago que realmente lo parece: tiene los colores, tiene el ambiente y sólo me llevó media hora hacerlo. Deseaba tanto llegar a este punto… me encanta!
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05 / Feb / 2014

Galgui: Semana LXVI. Fase II.

So basically this is how it starts. Básicamente asi es como empieza. And this is how it ends. These two pages are made out of little details like what are the dog´s thoughts vs what are the kid´s thoughts, how the family gets involved with Galgui or how the billboards are uploaded crooked by the kid in his school. And this is where the idea came from. Endless regardless to mr. Tadahiro Uesugi.   Y asi es cómo acaba. Éstas dos páginas están hechas de pequeños detalles como cuáles son los pensamientos del perro vs cúales son los pensamientos del niño, cómo la familia se involucra con Galgui o cómo los carteles están colgados torcido por el niño en su escuela. Y de aqui es de dónde viene la idea. Eternamente agradecido a mr. Tadahiro Uesugi.
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02 / Feb / 2014

Galgui: Semana LXV. Fase II.

This is the final composition for this page. There is no much room in the text for both characters, Diego & Galgui, to bond. Basically there´s only this page, and this is kind of a «fellow story» so i decided to compose this page with multiple images so the reader can get the feeling of time passing by, a necessary time for the characters to get the chance to know each other a little bit more and bond. The epty on the top is the space for the text, also valid for all the previous pictures i´ve shared, i think i´ve never cleared this up.   Composición final para esta página. No hay mucho espacio en el texto para que los dos personajes, Diego y Galgui, puedan crear un vínculo. Básicamente esta página y poco más y ésta es una especie de «historia de colegas», asi que decidí componer la página con múltiples imágenes para que el lector/a pudiera tener esa sensación de tiempo que pasa, tiempo necesario para que los personajes se conozcan mejor y puedan intimar. El vacío en la parte de arriba es el espacio para el texto, también vale para todas las imágenes previas que he compartido, […]
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31 / Ene / 2014

Galgui. Semanas LXIV a LXV: Yendo al cole.

Diego has to go to school and Galgui will join him to the step door. Lately i´ve been waking up early in the morning, i think Diego is my alter ego in this picture. Talking about something else, i want to recommend a website/blog to all people out there interested in illustration and concept art, check this out: It´s Victoria Ying & Mike Yamada´s space in the network and they are making an extraordinary job not just in their respectives workplaces (she works in Disney, he does in Pixar) but also as comunicators. They recently combined their two blogs and came out with this new website wich includes their portfolio, shop, blog… I specially enjoy the blog, it´s constantly updating with all kind of interesting stuff wich includes direct comunication with their followers. People are able to ask them questions and they would select some and answere them. This week was the first time they were doing this and among others they picked my questions! So happy!   Diego tiene que ir al colegio y Galgui le acompaña hasta la puerta. Últimamente he estado madrugando bastante, creo que Diego es mi alter ego en este dibujo. Hablando de otras […]
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20 / Ene / 2014

Galgui. Semanas LXVII a LXIV: «As good as it gets».

Continuing with the latest post´s topic on learning, i´m wanna say something of my own. There will be a point in your work where you´ll have to make the important decission of rather accepting that this is gonna be as good as it gets, or you´re gonna need to extend your work through a hole period of your learning experience right to the next level. And it´s funny ´cause i love so much to see the evolution in other people´s work, but it´s so hard for me to show mine. There are so many examples where you can clearly notice the point in wich something must had clicked in the author´s mind and the next you see is a so much thicker work. You´re actually able to see that and it´s kind of moving. Anyway, most of the times is not realistic to think that you´re gonna have all the time in the univers to develop your work ´till that point where you wana be…  Lately i´ve been having many thoughts in this direction. I recently read (and it´s not the first time i hear of this but something must be going on with me) that in order to make […]
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12 / Ene / 2014

Galgui. Semanas XXXI a LXVII: Fase II.

In the words of my good friend and great artist Rodrigo Hurtado: «The unmessured hunger for knowledge about something that inspires passion in us, drives in the first place to an indigestion, for the information service is nowadays unlimited. That indigestion is a mental block that provokes a frustration… making us, in many cases, take some steps backwards! Here the most patients have a big advantage (for sure not my case). And curiously when we dedicate ourselves to some other tasks, desparate for having learned nothing at all, passsing sometime… we discover some traces have remained in the inside, and give themselves away making us happy. Ain´t something like that?» And i say: i know what you´re talking about. This is Galgui´s stage II, almost done: the colours are just the ones and the drawing is done… only the final art left to do. And what is exactly that? I don´t know for sure, i´ll have to discover it later.   En palabras de mi buen amigo y gran artista Rodrigo Hurtado: «El apetito desmedido de conocimiento acerca de algo que nos apasiona lleva primero a una indigestión, puesto que el servicio de información hoy en día es ilimitado. Esa […]
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28 / Dic / 2013

Best of 2013 II: Nido Azul.

«Blue Nest» it´s a theater play for children, produced by Teatro en el Aire and created by Lidia Rodríguez and Mercedes Salvadores. The company bases it´s work in a sensorial experience of the theater, meaning in their plays the actors interact with the audience and there´s a work on all of the senses not just the hear and the sigh; you may drink something they offer to you, or eat, or close your eyes and lay down in a bed and things like that. I got to attend some of their plays and it´s always a comforting experience wich leads a feeling of getting back in touch with the basics in you. This play is made for little children and they wanted to include some animations. This is the first idea i came through for the main character.   «Nido Azul» es una obra de teatro para niños producida por Teatro en Aire y creada por Lidia Rodríguez y Mercedes Salvadores. La compañía basa su trabajo en una experiencia sensorial del teatro, es decir que son obras donde los actores interactúan con el público y hay un trabajo con todos los sentidos, no sólo el oído y la vista; puede […]
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27 / Dic / 2013

Best of 2013: You are the Manager.

You may think this blank period in the blog means that i might have been out of business, and that´s not true at all. I do recognise that for the last 6 months or so my main job has not been drawing, but luckly i´ve been required for some interesting projects (and some not so interesting) in wich i´ve finally participated. And for the record, before this year comes to an end, i´m showing you two of them i particularly enjoyed. So today i´m gonna show you this one. It´s a regular comic about profesional relationships, specifficaly about managing labors, called You are the manager. The client is GE Healthcare US.   Quizás podáis pensar que este periodo en blanco en el blog significa que he estado out of business y no es cierto. Reconozco que mi principal trabajo en estos últimos 6 meses, más o menos, no ha sido dibujar, pero afortunadamente me han llamado para algunos proyectos interesantes (y otros no tanto) en los que he acabado participando. Y para que conste, antes de que este año acabe, voy a mostraros dos de ellos que he disfrutado particularmente. Asi que hoy os voy a mostrar éste. Es un […]
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18 / Dic / 2013

Feliz Navidad.

First of all my apologies for this looooong silence in my blog, i shall remedy that very soon. The strongerst memory that i have about Christmas, from when i was a child and Christmas had some meaning to me, is from the night of the three wise men. I´m sure everyone gets that. The desire in it´s highest level for any child. Flying is also a memorable feeling about these days, sadly i don´t get to have those dreams anymore (fuck i don´t know why). I can guess they were one of the highest expression of my desire for freedom. You know i had to go to school, all the homeworks, etc. tough live i know. So i guess what i´m trying to say is just Merry Christmas and peace for all. En primer lugar mis disculpas por este laaaaaaaargo silencio en mi blog, pondré remedio a eso muy pronto. El sentimiento más fuerte que tengo de la Navidad, de cuando era un crío y la Navidad tenía algún sentido para mi, es el de la noche de reyes. Estoy seguro de que todxs me entendéis. El deseo en su máxima expresión para cualquier niño. Volar es también un sentimiento […]
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