22 / Sep / 2017

New web!

Hello guys!

As you may have noticed already menguao looks different today! I´m feeling sexy! jajajaa… Thanks to my big friend Juan, from Habitación Desdoblada, who has made an amazing job! Thanks so much mate!

With no further delay (this is absurd, you´re already in it jajaja…) I´m excited to share with you my new website! Taraaaaaaaaaaaa…!!!

Menguao is now more clear, organized and fuctional than ever. Originally I conceived this as a blog (in Christmas, 2008), inspired by artists like Enrico Casarosa or Ronnie del Carmen whom at the time were sharing extremely interesting material, thoughts and comments about art in the animation industry, with the artist community and anyone interested. I just wanted to do the same thing and started my own blog so I also could kept a sort of career diary and share it with anyone. It was only a couple of years ago that I decided to add a portfolio section for clients, something I most probably should have done years ago. The neverending portfolio, if you´re an artist too you know what I´m talking about…

I want to work on interesting projects, more and more every day and for that to happen I need to keep in mind my potentional clients. New visitors should be able to have a rapid look at my work as a whole, so in the new website PORTFOLIO is now the main section.

Also it´s easier for anyone to find LINKS to my social medias: instagram (the one I´m using the most to update material), facebook artist page (where I also share interesting stuff I find on the web), pinterest (where you can find many references I use on my daily work) and others.

But I´m not forgeting about the BLOG at all! I promise I´ll do my best to keep posting as regularly as possible… in fact there is going to be some big news very, very soon.

Oh! and let´s not forget about the new section: SHOP. For anyone who wants to have one of my paintings there you have a link to Curioos, an online shop based in NY that sells high quality artprints including some of mines. There will also be news soon about this section ´cause I´m studying making an online shop of my own as well.

So make yourself comfortable, stay tuned and enjoy!

PS: Here are some researchs I did for the new logo. I ended up feeling pretty satisfied with the resaults but unfortunetly I worked on this before the website was finished and some changes we ended up doing made the old logo look better than the new one! Sad on one side and happy on the other, to find out that the old boy is still working pretty well even these days 😉 Next, the process:

First tries. Fishes? Really? jajajaa… a like them ´though!

New researchs in a different direction and starting to feel comfortable.

Those in here I like particulary. With no previous concept in mind, the idea was trying simple drawings, like the house with the tree and the sun, moon, stars… something you could have drawn when you were 3 years old. That lead my to the house.

One thing I always had in my mind since the begining was that I wanted something living taking part in the image. Lately I have been painting a lot of plants and I love doing it! So I guess this last image was the natural resault. Too bad I had let it go, but it was very fun and I learnt a lot during the process!

See you soon everyone!



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