Painting with light & color with Robert Kondo & Dice Tsutsumi. Week 4.

Values for different lighting situations.

At this point is when the good stuff starts. Robert & Dice work in animation doing colorscript (among many other things) so there were times when they had to put one same scene into different lighting situations. That´s something we all had to do at some point in our careers and it´s very painful to have to repaint the hole work just to change the lighting.

I don´t know if they came to this tecnique all by themselves or they took it from someone else, and honestly I really don´t care, but the thing is it´s a very easy and fast way of working. By using basically hue/saturation masks and playing weather making them overlayed, multiplied, colored… you´re now able to change the basic lighting situation and only having to repaint a little bit.

This week was about value and we had to work in a greyscale so it doesn´t look so spectacular, but I think the change between each lighting situation is there. I believe it´s an extremely helpful knowledge to achieve for any of us. Once I got to understand the technique I was able to add it into my working process. Now I can paint this way naturally and it chanched it all, making everything so much easy.

Also painting from natural was starting to feel good to me at this point and I was feeling quite comfortable with the resaults and timming of my work. From one to two hours the first paintings and half an hour to one hour the lighting adaptations. I was painting in my desk in a neutral difuse light (the first paintings) and for the direct light I used a low power lighting source so even in the photos you can see it´s no big difference. Now I feel sad I didn´t use a secondary light source.


Something I´ve notice in my paintings is that is that they look a little low contrasted. I think it´s caused by a lack of confidence.schoolism_week_04_assigment_02

I love the the white case/cage (I don´t know how to call it) ended up looking. White element over white background it´s a very interesting exercise to do. You should try it (works the same for similar color between object and background).schoolism_week_04_assigment_03

The transparency of the bottle looks quite nice to me and it didn´t took that much. When I had to paint this kind of objects from my head I´ve always had trouble. This is why painting from natural is such a good exercise, because you tent to make things more difficult when you don´t know how they work in reallity.schoolism_week_04_assigment_04

This is my favourite one (over). The box was so similar to the table… at the end it was easy to paint and ended up looking simple… I´ve thought a lot about this ´cause when things come out easily they use to end up looking good, just like in life… I don´t know, I have contradictory feelings about this.schoolism_week_04_assigment_05

This is the ugly one (the second one) jajajajajajaajaja… I think it´s because I popped up the light in the bag too much. Funny this is the one that took the most time to finish.






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Painting with light & color with Robert Kondo & Dice Tsutsumi. Week 3.


And back to color. I started by painting my first work in this course from natural and this is when I realised the big difference. It´s the first image, a still life of my desktop. Materials: transparent (glass), opaque (cardboard box) and semi reflectant (lamp). I had a lot of trouble with this one. I´m a color blind (awful and unaccurate word) so when hues are similar and with low saturation of color I suffer a little bit.

This still life was pretty hard for me and I found the result very poor, but the good thing is that at that point I had already accepted that I was most probably going to do a few shitty paintings so I was open for that to happen… as it did… few times jajajajaja… I found this one of the breaking points I went through during the course. Take my word: acceptance of doing some really bad works is useful and it´s gonna save you a lot of suffering. Same thing works the other way, great success shouldn´t concern you a lot neither.

Here are my paintings.


See the difference? Color look more accurate from photo reference, looks better but you learn way too less.


I like the floor in this one below.


I have to say that I don´t use the dropper tool when I work from photo and I put a lot of effort in trying to hit the right colors. In that sense I think I did a good job on the one below.


I think those two last look pretty good and in the last one there is this sense of lighting I like a lot.






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Painting with light & color with Robert Kondo & Dice Tsutsumi. Week 2.

Value simplification.

So in this week we needed to start the work by only painting 3 values, save this first step and then moving on and finish it. Greyscale: darkest dark, lighter light and predominant value. The spirit for this exercise is rule number one in art: go from general to particular.

I think simplicity is one of the most important thing I seek in life in general and so I do the same in artwork. I´m always looking forward to it in my own work and love to see that in others. For me it´s all about comunicating and connecting with others.

As I grow as an artist I tend to pay more atention to what I am trying to say and I´m less worryied about myself. This exercise is fastastic for stablishing the painting in the firsts minutes of work: both elements and lighting. It´s more difficult to do when you´re not painting from natural (or photo) and you need to imagine everything. I don´t know how is it for you guys, but for me, when I´m working from my head, I need to construct the image. Doesn´t work like I already have one in my head and then I struggle to transfer it to the canvas. Works more like I have an idea (which is a lot), then I start by putting the most important elements, I often try different options, look for references and from that point I need to construct, work, put something here, something there and somewhen near by the end I start putting off many of the elements I first added and try to keep only the essential.

Lasso tool guys, use it, you won´t depend so much on your stroke wich is something that make us lose a lot of time.

I was publishing in our fb course page since the begining and in this week I decided to design a master page for the presentations. I recommend you to do it since the beggining, it will save you a lot of time too.

These are still made from photo reference.


This is the entrance hall of where I used to live at the time.


The window I had in my room. It was pretty dark.


I made this composition with objects I found in the living room. The bowl with little stones in it was a challange ´cause painting a repetition of many individual things always is. I remember this came out pretty easily and Dice commented possitively on this particular one. When it´s comming out naturally it´s always a good thing.


I liked this one, the floor and the windows were a challenge. Somewhere near by my house.


The grid on the floor and the texture on it killed me, but at least is represented in the painting. Lasso tool was on fire at this point. I found this on the street, didn´t touch anything.

Until next week, see ya!





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Painting with light & color with Robert Kondo & Dice Tsutsumi. Week 1.

So with no further delay I would like to start sharing with you my experience through the schoolism classes: Painting with light & color with Robert Kondo & Dice Tsutsumi.

For the next 9 weeks I´ll show you my weekly assigments and I´ll do my best to bring interesting information as well as sharing my own experiences. I swear I´m not beeing paid for this hahahahaha… I just had a great time and I think this might be helpful for someone who is thinking about taking this classes, or those who are already taking them, anybody, I don´t know… seriously, seek for your own studies, go on an take some lessons! Painting better is not going to do you no wrong!

The first time I heard of schoolism was 2015 and they were running a kickstarter. I was working in an animation studio at Barcelona and didn´t really had a lot of free time but I didn´t think twice when I saw that Robert & Dice were gonna be teaching an online course. So I just backed it up. It was already running over half a million CA$ so it was gonna be a reality no matter what. I think I paid around 150 CA$ for a year subscription and I that allowed me to do as many courses as I wanted for the price of 1 CA$ (yey!), but the sad truth is that I spent like 9 months in doing my 9 week course and I started after 2 months so I ended doing only this one (buuuuh).

Ok, so now I´m at week 1 and I can start. The first thing I notice is that these two guys are taking this seriously: they speak clear and they´re organized, they make demos and they´re not keeping secrets; they give you some wonderful brushes (a Tonko House set) and your assignments well prepeared in layers in a psd file with instructions on how to do the work and deliver it properly. Also they invite you to join their fb page for this course where you find a wonderful community of students like you. Not only that but also Robert & Dice, participate pretty often commenting the assignments and making possitive critics. I tell you, it´s an amazing thing checking on fb and finding you have comments on your work from any of these two artists.

It´s time to work. I didn´t have a laptop at the time so I had to paint from photo reference instead of doing it from life. I took the pictures myself but anyway I found later that there´s a big difference between the two ways of working and I ended up regretting not starting working from life since the beginning.

These paintings below started being 6 hours each, more or less. I put my attention into timming too and work hard on that to the point in wich I made them into a 3 to 4 hours of work each… but not on that 1st week.

Although I can see my mistakes clearly now, at the time I felt truly wondered with the ressaults since I had to work in a realistic way wich was not my usual way at all. I remember I was feeling highly motivated and happy at the time.

This were made around feb-march 2016.


I felt specially proud of this one (over) and I still do.


Some of the elemments are missing in this one (like the grille).


Here you can see the laso tool on the edges of the cup on the left. Laso tool is extremely important in this course and you´re gonna understand why the moment you start using it.


When I got to this one I was exhausted.



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Hi there, welcome back!

Hi there. Last months I´ve had a lot of work and barely no time for anything else. I know this may sound like a lame excuse for such a long silence but since it is truth I hope you can forgive me.

I´m also runing an instagram and a fb artist page among others and sometimes I get the feeling that it´s just too much. I´m re thinking this hole blog/web thing and maybe there will be changes somewhen soon. By now, the one big change is that I´m gonna be writting only in one language, eighter english or spanish, ´cause it takes me too long to do both at the same time and the texts end up being ridiculously long many times. I want as many people as possible to be able to read this so I´m gonna use english as the main language and whenever I feel to (´cause the theme is local or whatever) I´ll do it in spanish. It´s a wide world son please be open minded.

Lately I´ve been reading a lot about networking and social media and the one thing everyone agree on is that, when it comes to get the public attention, it´s important to be consistent and that means posting regulary. So I´m gonna be posting once a week every friday for the next months and see how it works. I have some ideas about different subjects: drawing songs, books, articles, things I find on the net, artist routines, personal projects… in the end, things that I´m passionet about. ´Cause these are the things that I would love to be working on more and more every time. We all should be looking more into what we are passionate about and less in what we need to do, if we have the chance. I´ll try to keep it simple and organized and hopefully it´ll make sense.

Today I will start with the first of 9 posts themed on my experiences throught schoolism classes: Painting with light & color with Robert Kondo & Dice Tsutsumi. Check out the post above. Wellcome back everybody!

Hola. Los últimos meses he estado hasta arriba de trabajo y casi no he tenido tiempo para nada más. Sé que puede sonar a excusa barata para un silencio tan largo, pero ya que es cierto, espero que podáis perdonarme.

Estoy llevando también un instagram y una página de artista en fb entre otros y a veces tengo la sensación de que es demasiado. Últimamente vengo repensándome esta cosa del blog/web y quizás haya cambios pronto. Por ahora el cambio más gordo es que voy a empezar a escribir en un solo idioma, bien en español, bien en inglés, porque me lleva demasiado tiempo hacerlo en los dos al mismo tiempo y los textos acaban siendo ridículamente largos muchas veces. Me gustaría que esto lo pudiera leer el mayor número de personas posible asi que usaré el inglés como idioma principal y el español cuando sienta que toca (bien porque es un tema local o por lo que sea). Es un mundo ancho, por favor ten mente abierta!

Últimamente estoy leyendo mucho sobre networking y social media y una cosa en la que está todo el mundo de acuerdo es que, cuando se trata de atraer la atención de la gente, es importante ser consistente y esto significa publicar de forma regular. Asi que voy a publicar una vez a la semana los viernes durante los próximos meses y a ver cómo va la cosa. Tengo algunas ideas sobre distintos temas: dibujar canciones, libros, artículos, cosas que encuentro en la red, rutinas de artista, proyectos personales… al final, cosas que me interesan y me apasionan. Porque esas son las cosas en las que me gustaría estar trabajando cada vez más. Todoxs deberíamos intentar estar mirando más hacia aquello que nos interesa y menos hacia aquello que tenemos que hacer, si tenemos la oportunidad. Intentaré mantener las cosas lo más simple y organizado posible y con suerte tenga sentido.

Hoy empezaré con la primera de 9 publicaciones sobre mi paso por schoolism en el curso: Painting with light & color with Robert Kondo & Dice Tsutsumi. Mira el post de arriba. Bienvenido todo el mundo!

Ah, y sí, esto va de ilustración y dibujo asi que ahi va algo de eso:

P.D: Ves lo que decía de los textos infinitos? 😉

Oh, and yeah, this is all abouth illustration so here´s a little something:

P.S: See what I ment about endless texts? 😉




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