12 / May / 2017

Painting with light & color with Robert Kondo & Dice Tsutsumi. Week 2.

Value simplification.

So in this week we needed to start the work by only painting 3 values, save this first step and then moving on and finish it. Greyscale: darkest dark, lighter light and predominant value. The spirit for this exercise is rule number one in art: go from general to particular.

I think simplicity is one of the most important thing I seek in life in general and so I do the same in artwork. I´m always looking forward to it in my own work and love to see that in others. For me it´s all about comunicating and connecting with others.

As I grow as an artist I tend to pay more atention to what I am trying to say and I´m less worryied about myself. This exercise is fastastic for stablishing the painting in the firsts minutes of work: both elements and lighting. It´s more difficult to do when you´re not painting from natural (or photo) and you need to imagine everything. I don´t know how is it for you guys, but for me, when I´m working from my head, I need to construct the image. Doesn´t work like I already have one in my head and then I struggle to transfer it to the canvas. Works more like I have an idea (which is a lot), then I start by putting the most important elements, I often try different options, look for references and from that point I need to construct, work, put something here, something there and somewhen near by the end I start putting off many of the elements I first added and try to keep only the essential.

Lasso tool guys, use it, you won´t depend so much on your stroke wich is something that make us lose a lot of time.

I was publishing in our fb course page since the begining and in this week I decided to design a master page for the presentations. I recommend you to do it since the beggining, it will save you a lot of time too.

These are still made from photo reference.


This is the entrance hall of where I used to live at the time.


The window I had in my room. It was pretty dark.


I made this composition with objects I found in the living room. The bowl with little stones in it was a challange ´cause painting a repetition of many individual things always is. I remember this came out pretty easily and Dice commented possitively on this particular one. When it´s comming out naturally it´s always a good thing.


I liked this one, the floor and the windows were a challenge. Somewhere near by my house.


The grid on the floor and the texture on it killed me, but at least is represented in the painting. Lasso tool was on fire at this point. I found this on the street, didn´t touch anything.

Until next week, see ya!





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