19 / May / 2017

Painting with light & color with Robert Kondo & Dice Tsutsumi. Week 3.


And back to color. I started by painting my first work in this course from natural and this is when I realised the big difference. It´s the first image, a still life of my desktop. Materials: transparent (glass), opaque (cardboard box) and semi reflectant (lamp). I had a lot of trouble with this one. I´m a color blind (awful and unaccurate word) so when hues are similar and with low saturation of color I suffer a little bit.

This still life was pretty hard for me and I found the result very poor, but the good thing is that at that point I had already accepted that I was most probably going to do a few shitty paintings so I was open for that to happen… as it did… few times jajajajaja… I found this one of the breaking points I went through during the course. Take my word: acceptance of doing some really bad works is useful and it´s gonna save you a lot of suffering. Same thing works the other way, great success shouldn´t concern you a lot neither.

Here are my paintings.


See the difference? Color look more accurate from photo reference, looks better but you learn way too less.


I like the floor in this one below.


I have to say that I don´t use the dropper tool when I work from photo and I put a lot of effort in trying to hit the right colors. In that sense I think I did a good job on the one below.


I think those two last look pretty good and in the last one there is this sense of lighting I like a lot.






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