17 / Jun / 2017

Painting with light & color with Robert Kondo & Dice Tsutsumi. Week 4.

Values for different lighting situations.

At this point is when the good stuff starts. Robert & Dice work in animation doing colorscript (among many other things) so there were times when they had to put one same scene into different lighting situations. That´s something we all had to do at some point in our careers and it´s very painful to have to repaint the hole work just to change the lighting.

I don´t know if they came to this tecnique all by themselves or they took it from someone else, and honestly I really don´t care, but the thing is it´s a very easy and fast way of working. By using basically hue/saturation masks and playing weather making them overlayed, multiplied, colored… you´re now able to change the basic lighting situation and only having to repaint a little bit.

This week was about value and we had to work in a greyscale so it doesn´t look so spectacular, but I think the change between each lighting situation is there. I believe it´s an extremely helpful knowledge to achieve for any of us. Once I got to understand the technique I was able to add it into my working process. Now I can paint this way naturally and it chanched it all, making everything so much easy.

Also painting from natural was starting to feel good to me at this point and I was feeling quite comfortable with the resaults and timming of my work. From one to two hours the first paintings and half an hour to one hour the lighting adaptations. I was painting in my desk in a neutral difuse light (the first paintings) and for the direct light I used a low power lighting source so even in the photos you can see it´s no big difference. Now I feel sad I didn´t use a secondary light source.


Something I´ve notice in my paintings is that is that they look a little low contrasted. I think it´s caused by a lack of confidence.schoolism_week_04_assigment_02

I love the the white case/cage (I don´t know how to call it) ended up looking. White element over white background it´s a very interesting exercise to do. You should try it (works the same for similar color between object and background).schoolism_week_04_assigment_03

The transparency of the bottle looks quite nice to me and it didn´t took that much. When I had to paint this kind of objects from my head I´ve always had trouble. This is why painting from natural is such a good exercise, because you tent to make things more difficult when you don´t know how they work in reallity.schoolism_week_04_assigment_04

This is my favourite one (over). The box was so similar to the table… at the end it was easy to paint and ended up looking simple… I´ve thought a lot about this ´cause when things come out easily they use to end up looking good, just like in life… I don´t know, I have contradictory feelings about this.schoolism_week_04_assigment_05

This is the ugly one (the second one) jajajajajajaajaja… I think it´s because I popped up the light in the bag too much. Funny this is the one that took the most time to finish.






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