07 / Jul / 2017

Painting with light & color with Robert Kondo & Dice Tsutsumi. Week 5.

Lesson5: Color.

Same thing as last week, but this time in color. Painted from life. *It says lesson 4 in all the images: my mistake, it´s lesson 5.

Pretty simple. I remember I thought maybe I was pushing myself too much and I felt like I was hidding my limitations by putting too many objects into my paintings (then too many strokes, too many colors…). So I decided that day I would paint only one onion. I found it was work enought. schoolism_week_05_assigment_02

Then I forgot and the next day I went back to old habits jajajajaja… I like the glasess ´thought.schoolism_week_05_assigment_03

Similar colors. Good exercise. Is one of the things that drives me crazy in my illustration since I don´t use too many lines.schoolism_week_05_assigment_04

Working on reflective and transparent materials. One interesting thing Robert said about this, is that many times when it comes to glows and reflections some artist paint them as if they were simbols, like in the comic books, you know? And that´s totally truth. I´ve done it many times. Never came to my mind while painting, that a polished enought surface could show/reflect colors from objects and things around. And that´s something I ovbiously know, but I just didn´t know how to apply that knowledge into my work. So I painted simbols. Works this way: you think know something, but you don´t really know how to represent/paint that something, so you come up with a way of doing it, usually by copying someone else´s way and everytime you have to paint that something, you do it more or less the same way. Over and over… killing your joy of working everytime a little more. Painting from natural works completely different. While painting you observe and try to understand whatever you´re working on, and through that process, you come understand things. In time you can apply those things you´ve learnt in many different ways. No more need to repeat: wellcome back joy! Now you do know something.schoolism_week_05_assigment_05

Really happy about this one. Probably the time when you don´t realize how much you´re improving and suddently a good painting comes out and you like: «Whaaaaaaa..?»



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