20 / Ene / 2014

Galgui. Semanas LXVII a LXIV: «As good as it gets».

Continuing with the latest post´s topic on learning, i´m wanna say something of my own. There will be a point in your work where you´ll have to make the important decission of rather accepting that this is gonna be as good as it gets, or you´re gonna need to extend your work through a hole period of your learning experience right to the next level. And it´s funny ´cause i love so much to see the evolution in other people´s work, but it´s so hard for me to show mine. There are so many examples where you can clearly notice the point in wich something must had clicked in the author´s mind and the next you see is a so much thicker work. You´re actually able to see that and it´s kind of moving. Anyway, most of the times is not realistic to think that you´re gonna have all the time in the univers to develop your work ´till that point where you wana be…  Lately i´ve been having many thoughts in this direction. I recently read (and it´s not the first time i hear of this but something must be going on with me) that in order to make […]
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12 / Ene / 2014

Galgui. Semanas XXXI a LXVII: Fase II.

In the words of my good friend and great artist Rodrigo Hurtado: «The unmessured hunger for knowledge about something that inspires passion in us, drives in the first place to an indigestion, for the information service is nowadays unlimited. That indigestion is a mental block that provokes a frustration… making us, in many cases, take some steps backwards! Here the most patients have a big advantage (for sure not my case). And curiously when we dedicate ourselves to some other tasks, desparate for having learned nothing at all, passsing sometime… we discover some traces have remained in the inside, and give themselves away making us happy. Ain´t something like that?» And i say: i know what you´re talking about. This is Galgui´s stage II, almost done: the colours are just the ones and the drawing is done… only the final art left to do. And what is exactly that? I don´t know for sure, i´ll have to discover it later.   En palabras de mi buen amigo y gran artista Rodrigo Hurtado: «El apetito desmedido de conocimiento acerca de algo que nos apasiona lleva primero a una indigestión, puesto que el servicio de información hoy en día es ilimitado. Esa […]
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23 / Abr / 2013

Galgui. semanas XXVI a XXXI: Vacaciones.

Hi everyone! I´ve been on my holidays for two weeks so the project has been paused for a while. I have nothing new to tell so here I post some character designs for the mains. The look is gonna be pretty much this, i hope you like it.   Hola a todxs! He estado de vacaciones dos semanas asi que el proyecto ha estado en pausa un tiempito. No tengo mucho más que decir asi que aqui os dejo algunos diseños de personajes de los protas. El look será más o menos éste, espero que os guste.
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15 / Mar / 2013

Galgui. Semanas XXII a XXV: La casa de Diego.

A few rought sketches of Diego´s house. Algunos bocetos de la casa de Diego. Here i was just starting to play with photoshop´s brushes. At the beggining i liked this pic a lot, now i don´t anymore, but was usefull in order to imagine the living room (later it will change). Aqui estaba empezando a jugar con los pinceles del photoshop. Al principio me gustaba mucho esta imagen, ahora ya no tanto, pero fue útil para empezar a imaginarme el salón (más tarde cambiará). This one is based on the corrala (sorry, don´t know how to translate) in muy building. Éste está basado en la corrala de mi casa. The living room again, a little bit changed. El salón otra vez, un poco cambiado. Diego´s bedroom in a dramátic-melancholic mood. La habitación de Diego, en un momento dramático-melancólico. The front of the building, with the kitchen downstrairs. La fachada del edificio con la cocina en el piso de abajo. The back of the kitchen and the stairs. Nice house to live in, uh? Still too much design, i have to make it look more messy, there´s a little boy living there. La parte de atrás de la cocina y las […]
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23 / Feb / 2013

Galgui. Semanas XXI y XXII: bocetos a color III.

These are comic, i think they´re gonna be funny when done. They´re still too much scketchy but they allready contain the essence of the action that´s happening. I´m almost done with the colour sketches of the hole album but there are still many drawings looking like these ones so i´m thinking about going for a second round before trying the finals. Instead of spending two consecutive days of work on every drawing i would only spend one day each and then i would go for the finals having only one day left to do it. At last i would spend the same time but the idea is having all the colour information as well as the shape of the characters, rought, but completly worked out so i would be able to concentrate in the final look and the details. Simple images like the one on the right works very well, i haven´t tried many of these in the album, i´m trying to capture the mood by general foregrounds and colour, so in general i´m trying to avoid these kind of images. But in this case it went out naturally and i think it fits pretty well. I guess you all […]
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09 / Feb / 2013

Galgui. Semana XX: bocetos a color II.

I feel pretty satisfied about this particular drawing. This is the level of detail a color sketch should have, unfortunetly not every drawing is getting as good as this one, i mean always within my possibilities. Coloring is a hard work for me, i feel more confortable about drawing. When it comes to capturing the atmosphere of the scene with colours i can spend hours trying different kind of solutions without being completly sure about wich one to choose. My references are always far better than my resaults (i´m consulting very differents sources, but my principal one for this project is being Mr. Tadahiro Uesugi …i´ve noticed i didn´t include him in the second entry of Galgui: inspiration). The good news is that as i look back to the first drawings i notice these last ones are much more confident. I hope the final images can get as good as i´m imagining them in my head. About the timming i have to say that is not going as well as i was hopping, i´m pretty much following the schedule, but there is still too much procrastinating (new word i learnt this week, thanks to Mr. De’Von Stubblefield, awesome joung artist […]
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01 / Feb / 2013

Galgui. Semana XIX: bocetos a color.

So this is how it looks like a valid coloured sketch. This is the first doble page of the album, right in the very begining. In this part, the story describes the life at the streets of the main character, Galgui. I´m trying to use a dark and cold palette of colours for this specific part. You also can also notice de cut marcs, this would be the proportions of the album. The size for pages would be 170 x 225 mm. Asi es cómo se ve un boceto a color válido. Ésta es la primera página doble del libro, justo al principio. En esta parte, la historia describe la vida en las calles del protagonista, Glagui. Estoy intentando usar un paleta de colores fría y oscura para esta parte en concreto. También podéis ver las marcas de corte, ésta será la proporción del libro. El tamaño de página será 170 x 225 mm.
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28 / Ene / 2013

Galgui. Semanas VII a XIX: ilustrando por fin.

2013 starts with a significant change on this blog, and that is, as you see, that i´m going to start writting the texts also in english so more people would be able to read it. So first of all, my apologies for all the errors i will sure make. Ok, so back to Galgui, i believe that the last things you saw were some rought sketches and the design of the book itself. That was more than two months ago (lots of work in the middle). My plan was to do the charecter design first and then start working on the final illustrations, but i´ve been having some troubles on making a decission about the final style so i´ve changed my mind: rougth sketches on colours first and then the final illustrations. I started last week and it´s working kind of a storyboard. That gives me freedom for playing with different ideas that maybe won´t be used (like the drawing above) but i think it would help me imagining all the story in a narrative way. Also i want to use this project as a trainning for future works, so the timming it´s going to be as important as the […]
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01 / Nov / 2012

Galgui. Semanas III a VI: diseño del libro.

Y Galgui sigue avanzando, despacito pero avanzando. Aqui tenéis un collage del trabajo de las últimas 4 semanas. Que qué es lo que véis? Os explico: 1. Tamaño del folio. Establecer un formato o tamaño del libro está estrechamente relacionado con el presupuesto. La última entrega habla de esto. Por qué? Sobre todo porque las cajas en las que se transportan los ejemplares tienen un tamaño preestablecido y los libros tienen que caber dentro, cuantos más mejor. Asi que las semanas 3 y 4 estuvieron dedicadas a esta labor: el menguao mediando entre la imprenta y la autora. La mayor complicación fue entender perfectamente la tabla de precios que ofrece la imprenta y que está en inglés. Por lo demás fueron muy amables a la hora de explicar todo lo que fue necesario. 2. Diseño de pliegos: cuadernillos. Consiste en establecer el número de cuadernillos (conjunto de pliegos cosidos entre si) que iba a tener el libro. Esto va a determinar también el número de páginas dedicadas a convenciones: frontispicio, página legal, anteportada, portada, agradecimientos, etc. En este caso Galgui incluirá un frontispicio, la página legal, la portada, una página en blanco de cortesía antes del libro en si mismo […]
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